Statement about Cornerstone’s vinyl products with large image of vinyl job. 

Find the right vinyl flooring for your commercial spaces in Louisiana

Cornerstone flooring will empower you to make a smart flooring choice and install your floors on time.

With the guidance of experts in commercial vinyl flooring and support from a friendly team of installers, your vinyl flooring project will be smooth and your floors will look smashing.

5 horizontal modules featuring the top 5 vendors in the category. Each module will have an animated logo alongside summary text. Under the logo/text will be an image carousel highlighting featured products from that vendor.

Through Cornerstone, you have access to the top National brands for Vinyl flooring, providing safety, durability and aesthetic innovation.




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After the 5 modules there should be an image of the CF team along with a statement — then a “get started” form.

Have a question, or want to get started? Tell us what you’re looking for. We’re happy to help!


Underneath form is a link that says “learn more about Cornerstone” that drives to “Company” page