Introducing Cornerstone Signature

Our most stain resistant solution dye carpet

Stain resistance for life, even with the toughest tenants

Other carpets may only have color on the outside of their fibers. Like a radish, your carpet may only come with color on the outside of the fiber, causing it to ware off or fade easily. Dreamweaver’s carpet color goes all the way through the fibers, like a carrot — allowing you to keep your carpet’s color for the life of the product. No fading or sun spots. 

Your new carpet will be soil resistant and easier to clean than other carpets. Dreamweaver’s built-in soil treatment, called SoilShield helps block soil from sticking to the carpet. This treatment makes cleaning and vacuuming your carpet more effective and helps keep your carpet looking newer, longer. 

More Bonuses for Cornerstone

Your local team delivers fashionable apartment flooring in 48 hours or less. Each project with Cornerstone comes standard with these unbeatable benefits:

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We don’t stop until you are completely satisfied with your floor. We call it our “Satisfaction Guarantee” and it applies to any and every room. There are no surprises in quality or price.
  • LIFETIME RE-STRETCH WARRANTY: We offer a lifetime re-stretch warranty so your carpet never wrinkles. Additionally, we offer complimentary cleaning kits to help your tenants take care of their new floors.
  • EASY ORDERS & INVOICING: Order new floors in less than 5 minutes via email, phone or web. We know time is of the essence when tenants are moving in. You can also save time with quick and simple email invoicing.
  • CLEAN & PROFESSIONAL INSTALLERS: Our installers are polite and above reproach on the job. They always clean up after themselves and leave a complimentary carpet care kit for your new tenants.
  • DISPOSAL & RECYCLING: We recycle / remove your old carpet and pad from the premises. No need to fill up your dumpster.