Cornerstone Commercial Flooring played a key role in the rebirth of Lafayette General Hospital, which underwent extensive renovation. Ben Lowery, Cornerstone vice president of operations, said,

“With our contract partner, The Lemoine Company, and their team of professionals, the job was a tremendous success. Renovating an occupied hospital has its share of challenges. But, with the right team, anything is possible.”

Cornerstone’s Health Care Division installed rubber flooring for durability, ease of maintenance, low life-cycle costs, and color selection. Marie Lukaszeski, AAHID and IIDA, created the striking design, which was intended to provide encouragement and warmth to parents with infants in the pediatric ICU. Ironically, she was two weeks into the design of the project when she gave birth and her own newborn was sent to the unit. She said, “It was a frightening experience as a parent. After being unable to see my new baby for 20 hours, I was wheeled into the pediatric ICU to find all these tubes and buttons and machines, and all the babies lined up against the wall.” Lukaszeski wanted to create a healing environment, which concealed the apparatuses, provided privacy for families, and controlled the omnipresent audible monitor alerts and harsh lighting.

“Flooring is a big issue for NICU’s,” she said. “It’s a challenge to get inside an NICU for a terminal clean. A floor that requires waxing multiplies this challenge, and there’s an odor associated with stripping and waxing floors that you just can’t have in an NICU, which means all the babies need to be somewhere else during waxing and drying.

We chose rubber floors for many reasons. They are naturally antimicrobial; they provide cushion underfoot for the nursing staff; they are durable enough to withstand constant traffic, and of course, they don’t need to be waxed. It is easily maintained daily with an auto scrubber, and the more you do that, a rich patina develops on the surface, making it look shiny and clean. The enhanced sheen on the surface looks like highly polished wax, but there are never any odors or chemicals related to stripping. Ease of maintenance was the deciding factor.”