Cornerstone’s LSU Interior Design Scholarship Program

Interior Design Students at LSU Competing for Cornerstone Scholarship


LSU-Design-ScholarshipCornerstone Commercial Flooring sponsors an annual scholarship for a graduating senior in the LSU Interior Design program who completes a Senior Design Project. This year’s winner, Amanda Arikol, received an all-expenses-paid trip to the annual NEOCON Interior Design Trade Show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The scholarship is a way for Cornerstone to recognize the Interior Design profession, which has blessed its business for many years. Miss Arikol had the opportunity to see the changes in the Interior Design profession around the world and understand more about the economics of design.

Cornerstone owner Jim Lloyd said,

“The Merchandise Mart is the second largest building in America, and Chicago is one of our great cities for architecture. The show rooms at NEOCON gave Amanda a better view of the possibilities in the world of design.”

Miss Arikol is the first person ever to earn a perfect score in the annual Cornerstone Commercial Flooring competition. The scholarship is presented in the spirit of Continuing Education, Interior Design, Travel, and the legacy of such educators as Andrea Daugherty, who instilled a passion for all these experiences in her students.

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