Carpet Tiles: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Commercial Space

Carpet tiles have been in existence for over 50 years, but flooring designers continue to be amazed by the flexibility and ease that they provide to a room’s design.

As flooring manufacturers continue to innovate with new designs and materials, each new collection of carpet tiles has an origin and a story.

In this post, we’re celebrating some of our favorite stories and designs for carpet tiles:


Carpet Tile Collection #1: Design Journey from Shaw Contract Group


This masterful collection is coming soon from Shaw Contract Group. Inspired by adventures in rural Cambodia and Laos this collection pays homage to the artistry of silk weaving and the precision of craft. You can see the full story behind these carpet tiles through Shaw’s virtual magazine.

Carpet Tile Collection #2: Inis Mor from Milliken

Milliken Inis Mor modular carpet collection

Brand new and displayed at NeoCon, the Inis Mor Collection is inspired by the structure of Irish fishermen’s sweaters and draws upon the influence of a traditional looped stitch. Milliken designers have transposed the solitude of Irish coastal life into a structured loop textile that broadens the aesthetic qualities of any commercial interior.

“Reflected in both pattern and construction, the all loop textile delivers incredible resilience and withstands the extreme wear and tear of high traffic areas.” 

Carpet Tile Collection #3: Tibetan Wool from Mannington Commercial


Like many new Mannington collections, this Lhasa Collection has a minimal carbon footprint and subtle organic styles. The product’s “rEvolve” backing contains a minimum of 40% total recycled content, including 10% post-consumer and an additional 3-5% rapidly renewable resource content. rEvolve uses less energy to manufacture and utilizes fewer raw materials.

Carpet Tile Collection #4: Atmospheric from Patcraft



This ethereal collection, inspired by clouds and fog, uses cool tones contrasted with warm accents of color to provide the perfect visual balance for any space. The result is a captivating mix of mystery and airy inspiration designed to perform in the busiest, toughest environments.

Carpet Tile Collection #5: The Breaking Form Collection from Mohawk Group


Featured this year at NeoCon, the Breaking Form Collection pushes past tradition, giving designers new approaches to color, shape, scale and movement. Mohawk’s collaboration with Mac Stopa of Massive Design explores bold lines and geometric patterns that transform the floor, a two-dimensional product, into something three-dimensional. 


Carpet Tile Collection #6: Paris Tweed from Bentley Mills


Conceived from classic fabrics and lush fibers, the Paris Tweed Collection echoes neutral woven textures with dramatic flair. This small-scale pattern, which features striated definition and brilliant metallic yarns, brings haute couture to the floor.


Carpet Tile Collection #7: High Performance from Starnet Worldwide


The Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership has partnered with Milliken Carpet to create the perfect balance of form and function with their collection of high performance carpet tiles. In addition to elevating a room’s aesthetic, this floor is built for heavy traffic and carries an impressive feature set, including:

  • Appearance retention under severe use conditions
  • Stain repel/resist
  • Soil release
  • Antimicrobial: kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
  • Flame retardant

And because this product was developed by Milliken it comes with the standard Lifetime Warranties from the manufacture.



The Advantages of Carpet Tiles:

If you’ve ever wondered why carpet tiles have become so popular, here are some of the common benefits of choosing carpet tiles over traditional broadloom carpet.

  • Easy to lay on top of laminate/vinyl/concrete with no need for underlay
  • Easy to fit in awkward shaped rooms
  • Easy to clean and if a tile is damaged, you can simply replace the tile rather than the whole floor
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to transport
  • Installations can be done in small areas or temporarily – you can even work around the furniture rather than empty the whole room

There are also several cost advantages to using carpet tiles according to Floor Covering Weekly. Carpet tiles include a strong backing so they require no underlay or adhesives and produce less waste than other flooring types, particularly in awkward shaped rooms. Any damage or spills can be resolved by replacing one tile rather than the entire floor, which is reassuring and overall means carpet tiles are definitely a cost effective flooring option.



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