The 4 Best Flooring Options For Apartments In 2014

I hear from my apartment managers that it’s painting (which I can’t help you with) and flooring that grabs the biggest percentage of their budget dollars. They want a great value on flooring that also looks beautiful enough to attract the great tenants. If you’re looking for floors that fit your budget and still look great, you should know about our most popular floors. Apartment managers buy this flooring from us, if not every day, at least every week. If you’re a property manager, here are my picks for flooring options in 2014 that will help bring in those prized tenants without leaving you struggling with your budget.

FRIEZE CARPET (don’t miss Dream Weaver)

flooring-options-1Depending on how old you are, you might know this carpet by its “old” name: shag. But these new longer-cut yarns look really great (if you stay away from those 70’s greens and oranges, of course). Frieze is coming back in a big way — we’re seeing more and more of this in upper-end apartments, and its popularity is helped by the new solution-dyed yarn used. It’s bleach resistant — as in, red Kool-Aid doesn’t stain it, and you can actually clean it with a half-water, half-bleach solution. Property owners looking for trendy products that look great, wear better and last longer need to take a close look here.

One of our favorite lines of frieze carpet is a product called Dream Weaver, from Bob Shaw Carpet Mill (Founder of Shaw Flooring). Their new production facility uses less energy, less water and less green gas emissions — meaning more savings is passed on to you, the customer.

We have partnered with Dreamweaver to provide a FHA solution dyed carpet which is stylish, durable, comfortable and affordable.  Solution dyed means the absolute best stain resistance to red wine, cool aid and withstands bleach.




The trend in the market has been going toward hard surfaces over carpet, but while wood never goes out of style, it can be tricky to keep looking great from one tenant to the next. The photo imaging technology they use for vinyl plank is just amazing — dark oaks, chestnuts, a bamboo look, you name it. They can do knots and even worm holes, make it look like reclaimed wood — and it can go in wet areas or potentially wet ones like living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. It’s so tough we’re seeing it in higher-quality assisted living situations, where scooters and wheelchairs can drag over it without issues.



flooring-options-3A lot of times we’ve got managers looking to put something new over their existing stained concrete, and they’ve discovered you just can’t glue anything to that stuff. We’ve got a great-looking vinyl product called Karndean LooseLay Floating that goes over stained concrete with all the visual options of the vinyl planking — bringing all those great photo-imaged wood looks in a floating product.



Flooring-optionsOnce again, broken record here, but I have to talk about the huge strides made in the photo imaging that make today’s sheet vinyl products look so authentic. The tech has really come a long way; it’s awesome looking stuff, relatively inexpensive, and if you spill something on it, most times you can just mop it up and move on. For high-end spaces that need that “look,” this is a great way to go without breaking the bank.


Jason Sanders


Written by Jason Sanders

Jason is a trusted consultant with Cornerstone Flooring’s Tenant Express division — serving Multi-Family marketings in South Louisiana. Email him anytime at



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