How a paint salesman quit his job and created the largest flooring agency in South Louisiana. 

Jim-Lloyd“If what we do is not memorable, it’s wasted. The more I see the impact we can have on peoples’ lives, the more seriously I take this work.”

Jim Lloyd did everything early in life. He held his first job at age 12, married young and had 2 kids by age 25. He woke up at 5am every morning to open the local flooring store where he managed over 15 employees and worked hard to put food on the table.

“I remember my first desk was a folding table and chair. A computer system that someone had thrown away and a fork lift that looked like it had come from a junk yard! The roof leaked in my office so badly that we kept bare concrete floors. We were bare bones and having fun.”

As a man who does things early, after 10 years of working for corporate America, Jim started to believe that he could shape his own future. He quit his job and partnered with a coworker to start his first flooring company. After 5 years in business, the partners parted ways and in 2002, Jim started anew by founding Cornerstone Commercial Flooring.

“This business is our ministry. It’s our way to reach out to our customers, our contractors, our vendors, and our staff.”

Jim and his wife Gail on their wedding day in 1989.

Jim and Gail with their 4 children, Harrison, Connor, Taylor-Beth and Manning along with Harrison’s wife Monica and Gail’s mother, Nancy.